Theme & Amusement Parks

Theme parks use computer vision applications to drive efficiencies in their operations in order to save costs, improve the guest experience and identify new revenue opportunities. curbFlow auto-measures guest counts, throughput at specific attractions, dispatch times of rides, utilization rates, live wait (queue) times, heatmapping parks, retail and food & beverage as well as track real-time occupancy.

Staff Detection

Staff Engagement


Throughput is how many people pass through a fixed point in a given time period, typically measured by an hour. Theme parks use Throughput as a critical KPI to measure how many guests are passing through either a park or an attraction at any given time so they can compare between periods, or between parks or attractions in real time.

Live Wait (Queue) Time

Wait/queue time monitoring is used by Theme parks to measure the amount of time guests spend waiting in line for attractions. This data is used to help operators make real-time and planning decisions on how to improve throughput, update guest communications and expectations and ultimately improve the guest experience.

Occupancy vs. Availability

Utilization rates, aka Fill or Occupancy rate, is used by Theme parks to understand how many guests are occupying each dispatch of an attraction. Operators use this data to understand if they are efficiently filling available capacity as best as possible, especially at its most popular attractions.

Heatmapping Asset utilization

Heatmapping at theme parks - much like in other industries - help operators visualize various metrics such as people passing through an area, dwelling at a certain location, utilization of an array assets . Heatmaps can be a time-series, showing operators how data varies over days of the week or hours in a day.

Guest/Door counts

Guest Journey Tracing

Real-time Occupancy Tracking

Parking, Curbside, Loading Dock Management

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