Live Entertainment

Venue operators dealing with thousands of event guests at a time need better tools to automate data collection in order to direct guests and staff in real time and provide a better guest experience. curbFlow provides operating metrics such as guest counts, occupancy tracking, live throughput and wait times at multiple locations, asset utilization, real-time parking and curbside management.

Staff Detection

Guest/Door counts

In the entertainment business, hosts want to know how many people are coming in and out of their event. This information can help them optimize staffing, reduce losses from theft, and understand customer behavior. By understanding how many people are entering and exiting the event, hosts can make sure that they are providing the best possible experience for their customers.

Vehicle counts

Real-time Occupancy Tracking


Live Wait Times

Wait time monitoring is the process of measuring and tracking the amount of time guests spend waiting in line for attractions. This information can be used to help event owners make decisions about how to improve the guest experience by reducing wait times.

Heatmapping Asset utilization

Parking, Curbside, Loading Dock Management

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