Commercial Real Estate

CRE Landlords and property managers have begun automating data collection in order to provide tenants, investors and other stakeholders a better understanding of how property is being used. CRE uses curbFlow for a variety of applications including guest counts and occupancy, heatmapping where guests are using space and what assets they’re using most, no-hardware parking, curbside and loading dock management & enforcement and more.

Guest/Door counts

In the commercial real estate industry, door counting can be used to understand traffic patterns in buildings. This information can be used by landlords to optimize rent prices, by tenants to understand their customer base, and by businesses to locate the best possible space for their needs.

Guest Journey Tracing

In the commercial real estate industry, it's important to make sure that tenants are happy with their space. One way to do this is to track how long they spend in the building, and compare it to how long they spend in other buildings. If you find that your tenants are spending less time in your building, it may be a sign that something needs to change. curbFlow's software can help you track this data so that you can make decisions accordingly.

Real-time Occupancy Tracking

By understanding customer traffic patterns, commercial real estate development organizations can optimize the way their properties are used. For example, you can use curbFlow's software to see which areas of a shopping mall are the most popular, how long customers spend in each store, and more.

Heatmapping Asset utilization

Just as with any other type of data, heatmap analysis can be a valuable tool for commercial real estate professionals. By understanding how to read and interpret heatmaps, you can gain insights into patterns of human behavior that can inform your decision-making. Answer questions like: Where do people tend to congregate in my building? What areas do people avoid? How does foot traffic flow through my space?

Occupancy vs. Availability

Parking, Curbside, Loading Dock Management

In commercial real estate developments, car counting can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used to track the number of cars that are coming in and out of the parking lot. This information can be used to make decisions about things like security staffing levels or the need for additional parking spaces.

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