Transit stations, airports, and other infrastructure can use curbFlow to monitor curb usage and better control traffic flow both interior and exterior at their sites.


Unlock your data

curbFlow offers a wide variety of services to deliver data and insights to retailers affordably and efficiently

Door counts

Count people walking in and out of your location to monitor interior traffic flow.

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Vehicle counts

Count vehicles to optimize traffic flow throughout your location.

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Real-Time Availability

Look at live usage data of assets like parking spaces, rideshare pickup zones, and more.

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Licence Plate Recognition

Track the registration status of vehicles on your premises.

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Live wait time

Report service line waiting times to passengers/guests.

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Occupancy Tracking

View the total number of people occupying any station or terminal in real time and measure average occupancy rates.

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Unlock Your Data

curbFlow offers a wide variety of services to deliver data and insights to support infrastructure, affordably and efficiently.


curbFlow is partnering with Brightline, a Florida-based private passenger rail operator, to monitor parking spaces and traffic congestion at a number of its stations.

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Port Authority NY

curbFlow partnered with Port Authority NY NJ to reduce vehicle dwell times, decrease construction costs for curb frontage, and reduce safety hazards and congestion at JFK Airport’s Terminal One.

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