Frequently asked questions

How do I receive my data?

We offer a web-based customer portal as well as API integrations

Which cameras are you compatible with?

We can integrate into almost any off-the-shelf network camera

What does pricing look like?

We offer customized pricing to each of our customers.  Please contact us at (212) 763-3385 or at for more details.

Do we need to buy new cameras?

As long as your IP camera is pointed at the area you want to monitor, you don’t need to buy any new cameras.

Do I lose access to my cameras when I sign up?

No. curbFlow integrates alongside all of your current camera systems.

What does setup look like?

After purchasing an off-the-shelf hardware device to process the data at your location, curbFlow remotely configures it to connect to your cameras and begin collecting data

Is my footage secure?

Yes. curbFlow encrypts all videos and images and stores them in a secure database.

Do you have an API?

Yes.  curbFlow offers personalized API integrations.

How do I know that my data is accurate?

curbFlow trains its AI specifically for your site to ensure all of its data is as accurate as possible.

Do you sell cameras?

curbFlow does not sell cameras, but we are compatible with almost every off-the-shelf network camera and are happy to make suggestions based on our experience.

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