Hello Washington!

curbFlow has partnered with the District Department of Transportation to pilot our curbside management system at nine locations throughout the District this Summer and Fall. These “curbFlows” will be available to all commercial operators - including couriers and on-demand delivery drivers using personal vehicles. The nine locations are:

  • 1200 block of 1st Street SE
  • 1200 block of H Street NE
  • 400 block of 8th Street SE
  • 1100 block of 4th Street SW
  • 300 block of Tingey Street SE
  • 200 block of 3rd Street SE
  • 700 block of Maine Ave. SW
  • 1400 block of 20th St NW
  • 1000 Block of Wisconsin Ave NW near M Street NW

How it works

How do I register?

If you are a fleet manager, commercial driver, or courier / on-demand driver using your own vehicle, welcome aboard! You’re eligible to register your vehicle(s) on our platform now for free.

Sorry, rideshare and taxis are not eligible yet.

Registering now allows you to seamlessly use and reserve in advance curbFlows this Summer and Fall for pickup and drop-offs.

Register for Free Now

Operators welcome to the first version of curbFlow:

Parcel & Goods Delivery

Couriers & On-Demand Delivery

Small Freight Delivery


Email us at dc@curbflow.com or call 202.417.8895