Bringing order to the chaos of city streets, starting at the curb.

The Problem

City curb space has become a nexus for congestion, unsafe behavior, and inequity.

The Need

Commercial vehicle operators need safe and reliable access to the curb space for pickup and drop-off of passengers, parcels, and deliveries.

The Solution

curbFlow acts as air traffic control for the curbside, efficiently orchestrating commercial operator pickup & drop-off activity to available curb space in real time.

Why curbFlow?

Cities can:

  • 01 .

    Drastically reduce double parking
    from participating commercial operators

  • 02 .

    Provide safer streets
    for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers

  • 03 .

    Reduce carbon emissions
    from operators circling for space

  • 04 .

    Maximize productivity of
    one of their most valuable assets: curb space

Operators can:

  • 01 .

    Be more efficient
    by driving down delivery times

  • 02 .

    Improve driver morale and retention
    with better delivery experience

  • 03 .

    Prioritize safety & compliance
    by getting out of the right-of-way

  • 04 .

    Reduce fines and citations
    by using city-approved "curbFlows"

Merchants and Building Managers can:

  • 01 .

    Benefit from a more productive curb
    by allocating more space for loading/unloading of time-critical deliveries

  • 02 .

    Enjoy more timely deliveries
    by getting drivers closer to their destinations

  • 03 .

    Benefit from less chaos
    by having orderly activity at the curb

  • 04 .

    Improve the neighborhood experience
    by prioritizing deliveries over private car parking

The Community can:

  • 01 .

    Prioritize safety
    by reducing double parking in bike lanes and crosswalks

  • 02 .

    Improve traffic flow
    by reducing congestion in commercial corridors

  • 03 .

    Fix the Merchant experience
    by providing commercial operators dedicated loading zones

  • 04 .

    Fund more streetscape and transit improvements
    by finally monetizing short-term pickup/drop-off activity for the first time

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Meet the Team

Meet the team providing cities and commercial operators an affordable and scalable curb allocation solution.

CEO & Founder
Ali Vahabzadeh

Ali founded Chariot in 2014 to provide the world's first app-based microtransit service to daily commuters. Following its sale to Ford in 2016, his team scaled the service to 6 cities and extended the service to company and municipal customers. Ali founded curbFlow in 2019 as the first digital marketplace for city curb space, allowing commercial operators to make real time reservations at the curb for pickups & drop - offs of passengers, parcels and deliveries.The company solves the safety, congestion, and access issues both cities and operators have struggled with since the onset of on- demand services. curbFlow launched its first market, Washington DC on August 1st, 2019 with anchor partners UPS and DoorDash.

Our Investors

Our Advisory Board

Dan Gould

Dan is an entrepreneur and technologist who specializes in designing social and communications software, machine learning, recommendation algorithms, and real-time bidded marketplaces. He is co-founder of BiasSync. Most recently, Dan was co-founder of Tappy which was acquired by Tinder. He serves as VP, Technology at Tinder. Previously, Dan was co-founder of and co-founder of Newroo which was acquired in 2006 by Fox Interactive Media / NewsCorp. He then served as VP, Technology at the Fox Audience Network as it grew from zero to the 5th-largest ad network. In 1999, he founded Corridor, inventing what is arguably the first modern social network. He was previously a researcher at the National Institutes of Health and at the Brown University Computer Graphics Group. He has also consulted for a variety of companies, including Cyberkinetics, which developed the first Brain-Computer Interface and won has various awards in Computer Science.

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